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Bank of POK is a universal Bank that provides friendly and transparent financial services in Post Offices and its own network throughout the country. Bank of POK was founded in 1990 in Bydgoszcz. The Postal Shareholders are PPA Bank (75% minus one share) and PSA Banki SA (25% plus one share) – well-known, renowned institutions enjoying high social confidence.

The uniqueness of the Bank of POK offer is the wide access to the services provided, which are available in nearly 5,000 Post Offices throughout the country, where clients are offered, among others: personal bills, deposits and withdrawals, deposits in PLN, and cash loans.

Customers of Bank of POK can use, the largest in the country – nearly 10,000 points, a network of free access to the funds collected. This network consists of several thousand Post Offices, in which deposits and withdrawals of funds are possible.


Bank of POK also offers access to funds through:

  • internet banking – CreditEZ service,
  • Call consultants at Call Center,
  • the ability to check account balance by SMS.


Mortgage loan at Bank of POK for your dream “M”

Bank of POK will enable you to realize your dreams about your beautiful apartment by a large “M”. A housing loan is the right solution for all expenses related to the construction, purchase, purchase, renovation of a house or flat. The housing loan in Bank of POK allows you to finance up to 90% of the value of the property and incurred around-credit costs, eg commissions, costs of the valuation, all notarial and court fees, first premium or its first installment for object insurance or real estate insurance.

No other Bank has such an offer. The housing loan has an attractive interest rate. The loan repayment is both convenient and free, because you can repay loan installments at any Post Office without additional fees. Bank of POK offers a favorable option for borrowers who will be able to repay the loan early in the financial situation during the loan agreement. With this solution, not only will there be no additional costs, but the customer can count on a reduction in costs. Taking a mortgage at Bank of POK, you can take advantage of a grace period in loan repayment – up to 36 months!


A housing loan through a large “M”

A housing loan through a large "M"

You will get attractive financial assistance, not only for the purchase and construction of real estate, but also for reconstruction or renovation. Stay at home. Buy a flat or build a house with a housing loan taken at Bank of POK or at the best mortgage bank, eg at PKO BP, which offers a specific housing loan – the most-used mortgage loan in 2017. Please note that by taking a housing loan, up to 30% of the loan granted can be used for any non-business use purpose.


Post Bank mortgage loan

Post Bank mortgage loan

A mortgage loan is the right solution for the big needs of every kind. Bank of POK grants mortgage loans to natural persons with the capacity to perform legal acts. Foreign exchange status: resident and non-resident. People who are married (with the exception of marriages with property separation) apply for a joint loan. As a Borrower, you can have several people together, but no more than four.


Destination of the Post Bank mortgage loan

The loan is intended for any purpose, including repayment of loans in other Banks.


The amount of the mortgage loan at Bank of POK:

  • minimum amount: PLN 50,000
  • maximum amount: PLN 5,000,000

For loans granted in PLN, the amount of the loan depends on the assessment of the Customer’s ability to pay the loan along with interest and the value of the real property that constitutes the loan collateral. The maximum amount of the loan can not exceed 60% of the current value of the property being the subject of collateral. In the case of loans granted to repay the loan, where in the total loan the share of credit for housing purposes is min. 60% of the LTV ratio is 80%. The maximum loan amount with the insured credited financial contribution can not exceed 80% of the current value of the real estate being the object of collateral.

Period of using the mortgage loan. Mortgage loans are granted for a maximum period of 30 years, and the loan period is counted from the moment the loan is activated. Securing the repayment of a mortgage.

The obligatory loan repayment security is

  • A mortgage unencumbered with the right to property ownership, perpetual usufruct, cooperative ownership right to a dwelling, a construction plot or almost a single-family home, the option of securing in the form of mortgages established on real estate of third parties is assumed.
  • Assignment of rights from the insurance contract against fire and other random events of the property constituting collateral for the loan, resumed until the loan is repaid. The sum insured for real estate must correspond to the value of the property, but it can not be lower than the loan amount.

In the case of loans with low own contribution, the obligatory insurance is the insurance of a low mortgage loan contribution.


Interest on the Mortgage Loan

The mortgage loan is subject to a variable interest rate. Interest on the loan is calculated on the variable balance of debt. The form and method of repayment mortgage loans.

The loan is repaid:

  • in equal installments (variable values ​​of principal and interest installments)
  • in decreasing installments (fixed value of capital installments and variable interest installments)
  • cashless – transfer order to the indicated account

Mortgage loan valuation

Bank of POK requires a valuation performed by an appraiser with appropriate qualifications. A mortgage loan extension is possible at the earliest after a period of 12 months from the end of the grace period and may not exceed 12 months in the entire loan term. Prolongata does not extend the term of loan financing.


Mortgage Loan – Cash On Any Goal

Mortgage Loan - Cash On Any Goal

Customer John for Bank of POK The aim of the project in which the BI Account Account received the “Customer John – Discovery of the Year 2010” emblem is selecting the most popular products and brands. supplement of the Rzeczpospolita daily – Rzecz o biznesie.

Postal BI Account is a personal account created for retirees and pensioners.

BI account – its opening and running costs nothing, and clients can make deposits and withdrawals at any post office or bank branch without fees. BIzy as part of a special offer can use all ATMs at home and abroad free of charge. Those who, for various reasons, prefer to receive money directly to their home, can order a postman to deliver cash to the address indicated, for which they will not pay a zloty.

Granting the prestigious Client John title once again underlines the attractiveness of the Bank of POK offer. The BI Account Account has already been appreciated in the rankings of the Rzeczpospolita daily and Polska The Times.

The basic parameters of the BI Postal Account are:

  • PLN 0 for opening an account,
  • PLN 0 for account maintenance,
  • PLN 0 for delivering cash from the account by the postman,
  • PLN 0 for withdrawing cash from all ATMs in the country and abroad (until cancellation, I will normally be free of charge 2 transactions),
  • PLN 0 for payments to an account made on any post and at Bank branches,
  • PLN 0 for withdrawals from the account at each post and at Bank branches,
  • PLN 0 for transfers executed via CreditEZ,
  • PLN 4 monthly for using the VE payment card
  • PLN 0 for information on the account balance and last transactions on the account via an automated telephone service,
  • service in bank branches, Post Offices, via the Internet and telephone,
  • ordering transfers, creating deposits in an account via electronic banking,
  • the possibility of establishing a joint account (for two people),
  • the possibility of appointing a proxy to the account,
  • the opportunity to get a loan in your account.


Bank of POK – Cash Loan

Bank of POK - Cash Loan

It can be safely said that it is already a legendary cash loan, whose interest among pensioners and all persons with low income is still growing. The easiest and fastest way to cash. A cash loan can be obtained at Bank branches and Post Offices or for account holders at Bank of POK in a non-cash form – a transfer.

Bank of POK knows how well its clients can be, and therefore in various ways tries to minimize the costs of credit and procedures related to its obtaining, often organizing promotions, during which you can get a cash loan without certificates and with a reduced commission.

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